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There is a sharp competition both in local and in global hospitality market. There are new hotel brands emerging almost everyday and other well-established brands reposition themselves to keep up with the current and future circumstances.  According to the investment insights, by 2016 more than 200 hotels will be joining in this competition in Turkey.


With the impact of the social media and the increasing number of flight options the airline companies offer, interest for travel has also elevated. Opportunities grow for hoteliers, yet, so does the competition.


In this fiercely competitive market, our mission is to make the hospitality brands we work for become  more recognized, remembered and loved by their target and potential guests, make them stand out from the crowd, and help them become more  profitable and valuable for their owners.  Our vision is to be the #1 marketing and communications partner in hospitality and F&B industry both in Turkey and abroad.






“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”
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