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Social Media

Social media is a golden tool for hotels and F&B companies to interact with their target audience closely and in a more transparent way.


The impact of effective and fun social media marketing campaigns on channels like fb, twitter, youtube, instagram, foursquare, google+, pinterest and tripadvisor is extremely important for your brand’s growth strategy.


As  Tac-Tics Marketing, along with our partners we assist you to create and implement cost effective and perfectly measurable social marketing strategies that will perfectly design your digital presence and create a  strong social buzz about your brand and services. 

Online & Mobile Marketing Solutions

As the internet became an increasingly essential tool in today’s technology-driven culture for finding hotels and travel bookings, Search Engine Optimization, if used masterfully helps your hotel rank above your competitors on search engines, which means more people landing on your website, more bookings and increased brand reputation.


The crucial part of a successful SEO strategy is to find the right keywords to represent your brand and to adapt them smartly in SEO algorithms to maximize traffic to your website.


Your optimization strategy can also be supported with pay-per-click campaigns , which will direct more visitors to your website and generate more bookings accordingly.


As Tac-Tics Marketing, along with our partners, we offer you a carefully planned and  effectively executed SEO strategy, that will set you apart from the competition and allow you to reach your financial and marketing goals. 

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