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PR & Media

Public Relations has its value in a marketing plan however it is totally different from advertising.


Done properly, PR is a highly effective tool for generating awareness and visibility for a hotel or an F&B brand.  Especially nowadays, in this fast-pacing technology era,  PR is not only about distributing some press releases through traditional methods but part of a joint effort combining all other communication tools, online and offline, to generate a genuine interest for the brand and to make it recognized and reputable locally, nationally and even internationally.


Social responsibility projects and value-added sponsorships play an evergrowing role in contemporary PR and they need to be smartly integrated into your marketing plans. 


A good brand reputation, although built over the years with positive experiences of guests and significant pr efforts supported by strong media coverages, is quite vulnerable to negative influences and crisis. As said, it is not easy to create and foster a respected brand image, however, it can very easily be ruined. Threfore at times of crisis, a famous brand should have working guidelines to follow, a well-constructed crisis strategy to apply and an effectively drawn communication protocols to carry out.


With years of experience in hospitality and F&B marketing, we both capably understand the hotel's/restaurant's and the media’s needs and we offer an integrated marketing approach that includes an effective PR and crisis management strategy, that results with longer-term impact and added value on your brand. 


Photo & Video Shooting

With the ongoing rise of the social media, the images and the videos that represent the brands have become extremely important. There are even channels, quite commonly used, like Pinterest and Flickr, which only serve as image galleries.


When choosing a hotel, a destination or even a restaurant people want to take a visual tour first.  The impact of the images on decision-making process is one of the most distinctive element of selection. Images should not misguide your target audience about your property, yet the possible shortages of the property should be eliminated.


For franchise brands, the pictures should be taken in accordance with the photo shooting guidelines of the brand.


 As Tac-Tics, together with our professional partners in hotel and venue photography, we provide video and photo shooting services, that will best represent your brand and if you are a franchise company, we make sure that the pictures are up to your brand standards and procedures.

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